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Reverend Bishop Daniel Obinim has made a Shocking and Unexpected Revelation



The founder and leader of the international Godsway Church, Reverend Bishop Daniel Obinim has made a shocking and unexpected revelation about the coming 2020 election. The preacher has recently made certain declarations or revelations concerning the upcoming election. He is not the only man of God who has voiced out concerning the upcoming election. He recently made revelations regarding the fact that the new patriotic party (Npp) will emerge winners in 2020 election.

Many people who did not agree with him on his revelation because it was not in their favor lambasted him and called him names. Indeed, most of these men of God who have voiced out or made certain revelations about the upcoming election are insulted or trolled in many ways. One thing that Ghanaians have refused to acknowledge is the fact that these are men of God and hence their words could be true.

During a sermon by Bishop Daniel Obinim today on OBtv, he revealed that he has seen something which needs to be said. He revealed that after revealing that Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo will emerge as the winner in the upcoming election, he has further received divine revelations which he can’t hide from the public any further.

There is a great storm coming and I can’t hide it any longer- He stated. In my vision, I saw that after the election, a very prominent Ghanaian citizen was no more. And this happened only a few months after the election. The election will be peaceful but it is sad to see that this person will not have the chance to see the rest of the days ahead of us- He noted.

He revealed that Ghanaians need to continue fasting and praying for peace to continue to reign especially now that the election is fast approaching. Precursors of election violence have been seen not long ago in some part of Accra.



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