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Physically impaired girl in crutches sells ‘pure water’ on street

A female amputee using crutches to aid her mobility has been spotted selling sachet water on the street despite the risk it posed to her safety.

Though physically impaired, the young girl, whose identity, including her name and age, is not known, has affirmed the narrative that disability is not an inability. Goosebumps-raising photos of the business-minded girl who appears to be between 10 and 16 years have been shared online.

The snaps show the young girl carrying a plastic bowl with chilled sachet and bottled water as she walks on the street to sell.

The inspiring photos have gained attention and have been reposted by several online platforms. As expected, the pictures have helped to deflate misconceptions about persons living with disabilities, gathering thoughtful remarks on social media as well.

Responding to the photos, Kyei Adu Baffour wrote: ”May the good Lord visit you at the point of all your needs Amen.” Daniel McVee writes: ”People like these always inspire me. Disability does not mean inability. You rock girl. More power to you!”

Meanwhile, other commenters offered to give her money to help mitigate her struggle. Yeboah Solomon writes: ”God you give money please bless her from poor to richest amen.”

”I will like to help her with a little money,” Isaac Debra said.

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