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Don’t Blame Nana Addo For Buhari’s Incompetence – Medikal Tells Yvonne Nelson


Ghanaian rapper Medikal responded to the recent  tweets of actress and movie producer Yvonne over the delay of the President to respond to the ongoing killings in Nigeria

Before President Nana Addo released a statement over the killings of citizens in Nigeria, the actress criticized him for keeping mute on the matter. However, Medikal threw his support behind President Nana Addo and described President Buhari as “Incompetence”.

Yvonne Nelson tweeted “Our president must show leadership on this matter else he becomes complicit in the senseless killing of innocent and defenseless protesters

Reacting to the tweet of Yvonne Nelson, Medikal also tweeted, “The Ghanaian president ein silence on social media no de mean say he is doing nothing behind closed doors. Maybe he is, who knows ? How many times wonna President address the nation during COVID/ lockdown period in Ghana ? Severally ! don’t blame Nana for Buhari’s incompetence!

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