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Loyalty Album: Afia Schwarzenegger and Delay reunited?

Afia Schwarzenegger and Delay shared their views about loyalty on D Black’s Loyalty Album, and fans want to know if the duo is back together as friends.

Desmond Kwesi Blackmore, popularly known as D-Black, has released an album after five years of not making active music. The album featured Delay and Afia Schwarzenegger expressing their views on what loyalty means to them on one of the songs.

Speaking on why he decided on such an explosive intro, D-Black said that the issue between these two ex-friends stems out of loyalty. He said, “Both people feel betrayed, and I wanted to have a conversation with them regarding loyalty in different aspects of their life. To see their take on loyalty.” He said both parties had no idea about his little project, but neither has commented since the song was released.

According to Afia Schwarzenegger, many people mistake slavery or any form of abuse as loyalty in relationships.
”Many people mistake slavery or any form of abuse as loyalty. The fact that I have a relationship with you does not warrant you to be policing me around and always asking where I am. I am loyal to you means you should trust me and not ask me where I am. I have to tell you where I am myself”, she said.

Delay also said she will be loyal to whoever she is in a relationship with but could entertain people interested in her. And even go on dinner dates with them.
” I could be in a relationship with someone and still chat with someone who has an interest in me. I could even go on dinner dates with the person and still be loyal to the person I am in a relationship with. However, if someone I am in a relationship with constantly chats with someone. And goes to lunch dates and dinner dates with the person, it is easy for me to consider my partner as not loyal. I know it is a bit unfair, but the world is an unfair place. I am a selfish person”, Delay said.

The ”Vera” hitmaker released the 12 track Loyalty Album on May 14, 2021. So far, it has garnered positive reactions from his fans.
D-Black hinted to MzGee on ShowBiz927 that He plans on having Delay and Afia Schwarzenegger as video vixens for the song.

Shall we expect a comeback of the two former best friends? Is it finally time for the two former friends to bury the hatchet and let bygones be bygones? Or is this just a song, and their relationship remain unresolved? Only time shall tell!

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