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Let’s Pay More Attention to Current Rap Music — Ohemaa Dadao tells Ghanaians

During her interview with DJ Flexi 1 on Dadi Fm 101.1, on a program Dubbed THE GOLDEN MIC, Ohemaa Dadao says:

I think rap is a bit hard to break to international markets. Rap is a subset of music; it’s more of an option. But music is more of singing, no matter what the genre is, the moment the vocal comes in you need to sing. Rap is the only different thing in music; it’s a bit more of what people like. If someone doesn’t like hip-hop, they don’t want to listen to you. It’s a bit hard for every African rapper, not just me. We’re all trying our best to take it out there.

Source: Dadi Fm 101.1

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