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After woman gave birth to 5 kids at once, husband said he’s scared

A woman, Funmilayo, became a mother of 10 kids after giving birth to five children in a day.

Her husband, Idowu Oluwadara, said before they realised she was pregnant, the wife was already three months gone.

In a BBC News Yoruba interview, the father of the kids said when he heard that she was pregnant at a time they were not expecting any kid, he became confused.

He said they could not seek the alternative to abort because that would be sinning against their God who ‘placed’ the babies in her womb.

She gave birth on Thursday, March 4.

On her part, Funmilayo disclosed that when she had a scan, only three babies were in her. On the day of the delivery, however, things changed and the kids turned five.

The medical doctor in charge, Afolabi Sikirullahi, confirmed her story, saying the parents had to go get extra clothes for the two more babies.

Days after the delivery, one of the kids died, a situation that dampened the joy of the parents.

He added that they ought to have left the hospital a long time ago but the inability to foot their medical bills kept them there.

The father went ahead to say feeding is even a problem, disclosing how they had been surviving on the food people brought.

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