Warn Shatta Mitchy; I’ll beat her like my stepchild – Slay queen calls for ‘war’

A popular Facebook lady known as Dotty Lana, appears to be waging intense ‘war’ on Shatta Wale’s baby mama, Mitchy over some unknown reasons.


Last night, there were some reports Shatta Mitchy allegedly broke into a fight with Lana at Onyx night club, where Hajia4Real was having a bash.

Though it is not clear why the two were at each other’s throat, a video footage going round on various social media platforms spotted the two ladies being separated by ‘bouncers’ at the club.

However, the self-acclaimed ‘Boss Chic’ seems not satisfied last night’s fight, but seeking for another chance to show Shatta Mitchy her ‘smoothness level’.

In a latest Facebook snapshot post, Dotty Lana was heard chanting to deal with Mitchy if she dares her next time.

The ‘Boss Chic’ also warned that she will subject Mitchy into severe beatings like her ‘stepchild’ anytime she comes across with her.

Dotty in another post was also heard warning, “You’ll need to advise Shatta Michy. Shatta Michy or whatever you call yourself, don’t try this bullsh*t on me next time. Don’t in your miserable low life try this nonsense else I will beat you like my stepchild. Just thank the bouncers, Dotty Lana said”.

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