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There aren’t enough Female Rappers in the Industry – Freda Rhymz

MTN Hitmaker season 6 winner, rapper Freda Rhymz revealed in an interview that female rappers in the country are not given enough push and recognition hence becomes difficult for the upcomingones to penetrate the music industry.        

According to the young rapper, she was doing rap to the extent of releasing singles but didn’t get the necessary push she needed at the time to break into mainstream. ‘It takes a lot more work for a female rapper to be recognized in an industry which is considered male dominated’. Being a struggling underground artiste, Freda gladly welcomed the idea of joining the music reality tv show, MTN Hitmaker which she saw as an opportunity to be affiliated with a platform that was rewarding and of course had a larger fanbase.  

‘I saw the career changing spin-around it did for the likes of Kidi, Kuami Eugene, Kurlsongs, and I said to myself, that is exactly what I need to get my music out there for the rest of the world’. She emphasized on how the reality tv show literally turned her music career around and the doors it has and is still opening for her. ‘The show is open to all genre of music, hence making it easier for young rappers like me to be ‘heard’ on a larger platform and get the recognition we need she stated.

Bridging the gap between being an underground and mainstream artiste can be quite the challenge especially for the females who have been perceived to doing all sort of things to climb the top in this industry, but according to rapper Freda Rhymz, that gap was bridged just by being a part of the music reality tv show, MTN Hitmaker.

She is currently signed on to one of Ghana’s biggest record labels, Black Avenue Music (BAM) and has recently released a video for her new single, ‘Jammin’ which steadily making it way to the musical charts in Ghana.

The next season of the star making tv reality show, MTN Hitmaker is about to hit your screens. Send in your entries. Be the next hitmaker.

(Source: George Quaye)

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