LYRICS: Teephlow – Preach

LYRICS: Teephlow – Preach


Ay3 ready a


Mehn Av been in the industry for a while so i know what is happening
People claiming good face what they preach be opposite what they practice
Woy3 Fake dem go stab you in the back, turn around and say beg you kos3
Just for daily wage, ebi dirty game , ntsi everyday ufo fit to steady dema tactics
dem start switch ways joy ride but now see they’re jumping on the fast lane
hype kakra started ole manifest tsi bohw3 killers aka hon sir abomu dey wan
sark me
Dey say we no flow well now people tap into the flow so den dey pray we say
start sink
Is amazing how in a quest to find some small cheese we end up Rap race
Freno okumfo domfo
Wose otse rap ase papaapa but onnhu medzeno do
Dey sleep on me for long ne wer3 efir d3 onnda sundzi do mpo
But Its our time to reign na wonnhu d3 Ehum le tu mpo
Wose wo dawg m ame mpo dze ono wommbu m’ndwom po
But me drop track p3 wosuma le tsie no lungulungu
Wo nipa no waatse but onkaho hwee but for dema mind wose herh dis boy dey
kill, Nanso mennku nipa o
Dey see say Abi threat so they hating hon yamu anka ma floppy d3 diskette
Looking at this per all the diss yh,
i know say this pair would love to see me in despair
But i swear am beast yh
No zoo keeper can ever tame dis pet
Wose field open fo go throw shots but in this game I think there are better
things we of discuss
Manager sed3 Phlow sometimes ubi deep dumb it down

TeePhlow – Preach (Prod by Hboo x Mixed By WeAreGhg) [Download]

Okay mekad3 field game, throw shots and discus,… I hope u get it now
Check files na hwe styles Ebohud3 ghanaha abonye fo p3 na wommp3 me
wo rapper no mey3 huge sen…kakyer3n d3 mese oy3 dope ah ame podze
mey3 bobby brown


Phlowducation is out tho
Phlowducation is out ufo go get it.


Av come this far
Ntsi 3diss ma, diss back? Nah discard
I won’t play this card
Am greatest of all time but I don’t chew this cud
Get it, am the goat you fo think fast
Me I wanna be a rich man
Mep3d3 daakye mekogyina garage a mese make a buy this car, this car , this
car or these cars
That be the dream bro
We no dey sleep but we still go achieve wanna dream bro
I wanna work and see everybody in ma team blow
Ntsi ob3 test e no ma mark no mʼama no seen bro.
Mereba, ma men bisa no question kor p3r
Ubi sick know but you sure say udey feel well?
Udder flow but still underground does it feel well?
Industry no as3e 3ka nso a gem go make you feel bad yh
We all dey play a role nd3 Enya popcorn bi rewe ntsi 3feel d3 3 sen me a
No pee, am tryna sow a seed of greatness 3hw3 nas3 3wo teku anaa simpoa
Come and help, lets fight this war ontsed3m ah wola gye kodua na wonfraw
Ndzemba ye a anka sesie y3wo capital by now 3da car mu ma 3chill wo Senegal
Think about it , phlowducation , S.O.A , that song was for you and I
You be young man make uno make hatred and envy consume your mind
Dem dey bite den dey chew ma lines nanso still hon flow no y3 too soft bakad3
Yokozuna thighs
But 3yaa toboara we no day rush our punches me seizor ma Jackie chan moo
kamu ose ” who am I ‘

So to ma fans make uno argue cos whatever you do den go talk say we dey flow
But eno say u dey phlow waa
Onngyae ne Kurow mu nyi na onsupport awo eish nara osuro woa
See am tryna paint a new pic but hey still dey focus on the throwbacks
Maybe den fo learn software developing that be the only way these kids go fit
grow up
Dem dey preach loyalty but they act fishy whenever they see food
Donʼt be fooled den go call you honey but when things start dey be dem go
sting you
Dem say make we dawg hiphop but when beef comes dey say its good for the
Which culture
Masa criss cross am
How can diss solve am
Ob3y3 a dissolve am
s3 feels d3 3y3 wild a send beat bra yennkill no dat be what go fit give proof
Until then me am tryna phlowducate your fans ano get time to diss you
U wan learn this sh** come around make a show you how tee roll
Cos I swear no matter how much sh** ugo release you can never fit in tees
Ay3 ready aaa ?
Repeat Hook!!!

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