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Arewa2TW is a movement not an ethnic or a religious movement, it is a movement for all well-meaning Nigerians, a place where youths are built to stand and assume responsibility and stand on “UNITY” its primary focus and motive  with a goal of changing the stigma attached to the word Arewa (i.e Muslim Hausa’s and Fulani’s of northern Nigeria and their interest), the name Arewa2tw connotes Arewa to the world and for the world not Arewa for Christians or Arewa for Muslims or Arewa for any tribe or Arewa for any extremist or Arewa of any faction that objects justice or Arewa of any faction that objects democracy and equality but rather Arewa to the whole wide world helping bring to light the interest of those who share this plight and portraying a new painting of Arewa in terms of culture and beliefs and we aim to achieve this unity through education, enlightenment, and entertainment as our primary carriers on the various platforms we aim to establish and make available to our members and of course the society and country at large which is the motive of the initiative.

Arewa2TW is a platform premeditated to educate, enlighten, and entertain the general public by posting the current news, running face of Arewa2TW, seminars, reaching out to the less privilege and showcasing you and your business on the platform.


Our main motive is Unity where all tribal and ethnic identities, recognize each other as brothers, sisters, mothers, uncles, and fathers. In addition, continue to school with each other, reason together, eat with each other, play with our children, and turn our dreams into reality with every sense of singularity and indifference. In addition, when we say AREWA2TW Spirit of Oneness, we can all synchronously identify with it not as their faction or sectioned movement but as OURS because yes it is for all.


To see a Nigeria that is united, strong, and highly developed void of tribalism, and religious bigotries. A Nigeria that leads nations.


We want a place where we all can live in peace and unity of purpose for development of all Nigerians. And we know that everyone, no matter his tribe or religion, has a role to play in making this a reality. #Arewa2TWSpiritOfOneness.

Be it, Sponsorships, Partnership, Vendor, Performance Slot And more Enquiries: Follow on social media @Arewa2tw or send us a mail at [email protected]

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