African Heritage Art Festival set for early 2018

Plans are far underway for the kickoff of the maiden edition of the African Heritage Art Festival in early 2018.

The festival seeks to bring on board the works of artisans in various fields within and outside Ghana.

According to organizers of the festival, pulling these talents, especially the youth in particular, and their artistic works under a single umbrella, is a sure way for them to exhibit their craft and bring to light their artistic potentials which is obviously not receiving the recognition it deserves.

The youth must be motivated and given the necessary attention and platform if only we are to shape the future of our country, Ghana, and Africa at large.

Our heritage, as quoted in our national pledge: “I promise to hold in high esteem, our heritage won for us through the blood and toils of our fathers”, must be protected and valued. We can’t afford to lose what our fathers fought and won for us with their blood.

People from different fields of art are expected to perform and exhibit their talents.

Attention will also be given to participating disabled individuals within the art industry.

In line with promoting artistic works in Africa, several opportunities will be available to participants who will make it for the event.

Source: Sergius Benjy2

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