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Sports Nutrition During Pregnancy: Is It Possible or Not?

Sports Nutrition During Pregnancy: Is It Possible or Not?
Sports Nutrition During Pregnancy: Is It Possible or Not?

Sports nutrition is not just a set of nutritional supplements, but a special diet designed for athletes and just those who lead an active lifestyle. Dietary supplements serve as an addition to natural food products. Can pregnant women take them?

Special dietary supplements for athletes began to be developed in the United States in the middle of the last century. Just at this time, there was a boom in the development of bodybuilding. Bodybuilders were looking for a way to quickly gain and lose weight, and pump muscles. Supplements soon became fashionable and became known as sports nutrition, since at first they were used only by professionals.

What’s included in supplements? First of all, you’ll find protein, amino acids, fat burners (L-carnitine), creatine, and energy drinks, such as caffeine.

Do You Really Need a Sports Drink?

There is no single answer to this question.

Neither the doctors nor the athletes themselves agree. If you just stick to a healthy lifestyle where you move and eat a variety of food, then you can get everything you need, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates with ordinary food

Another thing is the sport of high achievements with performances at official national and international competitions. Professionals plow for wear and tear. Every calorie is spent on movement, not on maintenance and keeping the body in good shape. Therefore, athletes need special diets, regimens, trainers, and dietary supplements. Otherwise, they won’t get good results. In any other case, it is better to do with standard vitamins. 

However, mother nature did not create such natural products, where, say, there would be one protein and nothing else. But sports drinks have that option. And, in the form that will allow the best assimilation for the body. 

We get protein from different products, but not everyone fully absorbs it. This can happen for various reasons. For example, due to gastrointestinal disease. Or if the diet lacks the fiber that we get from vegetables. It is also very important to keep the water balanced. The more your weight is high, the more your organism will need to consume water. One and a half to two liters is an option for those who have a mass of about 60 kg. Moreover, it must be water, it cannot be replaced by tea, coffee, and juices. In a word, sports nutrition is an easy way to get the necessary elements. But it will not replace a normal diet. There are no special contraindications for supplements as they do not cause harm to health, but a balanced diet is necessary.

Is Sports Nutrition Allowed to Pregnant Women?

In itself, there is no contraindication to use supplements when pregnant. But before taking sports supplements, check with your doctor. Much probably, your doctor will prescribe you a bunch of analyses to do. This will help him to draw conclusions. Even if you are not pregnant, you should take it only when necessary. There are norms for proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, for vitamins. They need to be guided. And don’t buy dietary supplements just because everyone else is doing it.

Will Supplements Benefit Pregnancy? 

Protein will not hurt, but it is better to refuse other supplements. Caffeine and fat burners are contraindicated. It is recommended to consume more protein during pregnancy. Expectant mothers need it, as it directly affects the immune and hormonal systems of the baby. The growth of the fetus also depends on this, especially in the later stages. It is likely that if a woman experienced a lack of protein during pregnancy, this will affect the development of the muscles of the child. Dystrophy is possible.

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How to Take Supplements Correctly

The most important thing is to consult with your observant gynecologist. If you work out in a fitness center, talk to your trainer and sports doctor. They will help you choose supplements according to your doctor’s indications and your needs. 

Be careful. 

You should not use several dietary supplements at once, if they are similar in effect, stop at one option. Do not overdo it with bars, they are quite high in calories. Follow your daily allowance. Too much protein is just as bad as too little.

How to Choose a Sports Nutrition

Every expectant mother must follow a few rules so as not to harm herself or her baby. Read the label carefully. The fewer additional ingredients, the better. The protein source should always be at the top of the ingredients list. If it doesn’t, don’t buy it. Avoid artificial sweeteners and any unfamiliar ingredients. Choose only certified products by purchasing them from official suppliers. There are enough fakes on the market. If you worry about the component, do not hesitate to ask the seller for documents confirming the safety of the product.

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