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I’m Not Dating VVIP’S ‘MiYAKi’ MzBel Jabs Rumors

There has been speculation all over social media that MZBEL is in a relationship with a 17years school boy (Miyaki) and   was seen in countless  videos kissing him .No matter how shocking that info was Mzbel has it own explanation to give .
According to 16year hitmaker,  Miyaki a new rising star on the music scene, signed to the VVIP’s Vision Music Group label, is more or less like a son to me ,he has taken me as his mother and role model inthe music industry so anytime we meet in the studios i try to promote Miyaki brand by taking videos of myself and him ,so that my fans will know him and support his career.
MzBel added that its very sad when some bloggers and media men will intentionally find negative meanings to things in our industry all in the name of hype.
Finally she said, I hope Ghanaian know that I have a son  who is in Senior High School, so why will you think i will date someone who i can give birth  Please stop spreading this rumors its not true, she lamented.
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